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    Excellence in investment and financing for innovation : EXCELL’INNOV allows you to become an entrepreneurial investor.

  • Unlike conventional tax exemption and investment solutions, you will work with experts on the choice and operational progress of the companies, financial holdings and assets in which you invest;

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8 in 10 start ups don’t make it through “Death Valley”. It doesn’t have to be that way ! Why, How? EXCELL’INNOV has the answer

Excell’innov offers solutions for investors but also for Start-ups and innovative small and medium size businesses.

  • Beforehand we are able to qualify the candidates application with a very high level of performance thanks to an agile process using over 30 years’ experience from leading companies. We are professionals, entrepreneurial investors committed to excellence. Helping companies to find efficiency on a daily basis.

  • We also guide the beneficiary company and its teams to help give structure to the project and to make the access to funds easier. This implies work on making the strategy formal, preparing the fund raising application as well as the business plan according to top criteria.

A method which explains the success

Our process is based on the inclusion of 50 factors and right from the start is puts the company’s activity first, as well as the certification and commercialization aspects which are very often neglected.

  • Our approach is much more performant than conventional processes and is only slightly more costly due to the intervention of specialists in the profession and branches concerned.

  • By the very principle of the method, as in the companies, investments are only activated (the capital released) if the project is attractive and profitable. The blocking risks related to innovation are identified and raised previously.

  • he profitability of investment does not solely depend on “ tax exemption” but on a genuine entrepreneurial approach (Entrepreneurial- Investors). Tax exemption is possible in compliance with current law. This tax exemption lever is, along with our method, invested in the search for efficiency and the excellence of the investments.


If you are an Investor, these offers are for you

Excelli’nnov participation

A company is created to manage the capital of one or more investors for several applications for innovative projects.


The investor has a project in innovation or is in contact with an applying company but uses EXCELL’INNOV services to manage the risks and phases in the raising of the capital.

On the look-out for opportunities

The investor calls on EXCELL’INNOV to detect potential gold mines and to qualify them according to EXCELL’INNOV methodology

If you are a project bearer, these offers are for you

Sourcing, capital raising

An innovative company calls on EXCELL’INNOV to simply introduce investors.

Mission Capital raising

An innovative company calls on EXCELL’INNOV to introduce.” EXCELL’INNOV qualified “ investors committed to excellence

Project Audit

An innovative company calls on EXCELL’INNOV to carry out an audit to detect all the risks and weaknesses in the project. At the end of the audit: This company takes care of the corrective actions independently, or with the support of EXCELL’INNOV which can manage these risks. Excell’innov can help the company in the preparation of the capital raising file including the formalization of the business plan.

A few partners, suppliers and institutional players

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success

Henry Ford

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